Top five (5) Common Ingredients to beware and avoid in your skincare products

         We get the eerie and lost feeling when we read the ingredients in the bottle. Sometimes you don’t understand what the nomenclature of some of the ingredients are. Sometimes you probably try to convince yourself that  “maybe it’s something all body scrubs have or if is the norm to find it in skincare products. Therefore, you accept it and just take it as it is. 

Sometimes just because a lot of skincare products have a lot of ingredients, doesn’t always mean it is good for you. Sometimes the best products with the least amount of ingredients, are the better ones and at least you can understand them.  

But do not always go with the norm.  Always seek out for better ingredients in your skin products because your skin is the first line of defense on a daily basis.  So treat your skin right.

Listed below are common five (5) ingredients you want to avoid when buying skincare products since they are commonly found in skincare products:

  1. Triclosan and Triclocarban: this ingredient can be found in antibacterial soap, even in children products. They develop symptoms like hormonal disruptions, bacterial resistance, impaired muscle function and increased allergies. To replace this, we recommend using a natural antibacterial like Tea Tree oil.
  2. Parabens: this is the most common and damaging ingredient that we can find in different products like makeup, shower gel, scrubs, face cleansers and many more. Parabens mimic estrogen and it has different branches, each one coming with a consequence. Isopropyl is known for damaging the endocrine system. Always look for “paraben free” products.
  3. Polyethylene: these are mini plastic beads found in scrubs, body wash, makeup and toothpaste. It’s carcinogen because of how fast it’s absorbed and harsh on sensitive skin. They are also high rank pollutants. These tiny harmful plastic beads travel in the water and end up being eaten by the marine life.
  4. Sodium Lauryl sulfate: this one is known for altering the oil balance on the skin. That is why it has been the number 1 ingredient responsible for causing acne and common breakouts. 
  5. Mineral oil: it sounds natural, but it isn’t. It’s the product of petroleum distillation when making gasoline. It’s used in lip balms, lotions and skin care products. When it is applied on the skin, it basically chokes its natural barrier and causes permanent dryness. So keep an eye out on this ingredient.

Please keep these in mind next time when you go shopping for your next skincare product. Avoid these harmful chemical ingredients at all cost and try to seek out products with natural ingredients. Because your skin deserves the best since it protects you on a daily basis. 

Wish you all beautiful skin,

Fivesso Team.

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