The Cellulite Triple Threat

Type “cellulite” into your Google search bar and you’ll find THOUSANDS of articles and products claiming to get rid of it. There are endless results and it’s exhausting to navigate through. The false hopes and frustration we feel when trying to hide it, seem never ending. Here’s the thing, most of us know that at this point, there really isn’t a CURE for cellulite. Every woman has it in one way or another regardless of their size, so really, try not to worry too much about it. 

The GOOD news is that when we combine a few different steps, we CAN improve the appearance and have a spa-like experience while doing it! (Hip Hip Hooray!) Even if it’s only to gain more confidence for certain events and times spent at the beach when revealing a bit more skin, it’s totally worth trying!

Start with Dry Brushing. Dry brushing exfoliates skin, releases toxins and boosts circulation creating blood flow to the area being brushed. Dry brushing daily before hopping into the shower provides the best results. Brush skin GENTLY towards the heart or the center of the body. The most important part is to brush with enough pressure to stimulate, but certainly not too much pressure as to do any damage.

Use a Coffee Scrub. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine firms the skin. Look into any skin firming product on the market and caffeine will likely be listed in the ingredients. They’re on the right track, but nothing compares to good ole’ fashioned coffee grounds applied directly to the skin. Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants, which encourage the release of toxins built up in the body. You can use your own coffee grounds but to make your life easier, we recommend using Fivesso Coffee Scrubs for the perfect formula. When using a coffee scrub, any extra massaging you can put forth simultaneously is also beneficial for alleviating cellulite. (And your mental state right?!) 

Moisturize with Natural Oils. Natural Oils such as coconut oil boost collagen production. Just as it does for our face, collagen has that firming and tightening effect that can finish off the three steps perfectly. Some essential oils such as lavender are said to boost new cell growth, which is also fabulous for cellulite smoothing as well. We love this one for an all-in-one super hero product that’s made with coffee and oils in one step. The moisture itself locks in that healthy tone, and extends the results of the three step process. 

Lastly, don’t forget about exercise. We know that, again, it will not completely remove cellulite but fat loss and toning can help reduce fat cells which may help if there's any excess.

Remember ladies, you are perfect just as you are. If you need a little pick me up then give it a try. Spending a little extra time on ourselves can make a world of difference, so dive in and have fun while you’re at it!

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