Get Rid of a Puffy, Swollen Face Starting with Coffee Skincare

We’ve all been there. That swollen, puffy look that appears on our skin can come from a number of different contributors. Lack of sleep, dehydration, sodium overload and one too many cocktails the night before to name a few. Often all of these occur as a result of one another. That, my friends, makes for a big FAT disaster that results in us not looking or feeling our best. 

Lifestyle habits are your best defense for preventing it in the first place, but that surely isn’t realistic every dang day now is it?! When you decide to let loose, and regret it the next day…Read below and recover ASAP!

Coffee Skincare

Nothing saves the day better than a coffee mask.Topical caffeine treatments constrict blood vessels. This in turn tightens and firms the skin, and prevents the fluid from building up in the face. Coffee also increases circulation, which packs an energized punch to skin and reduces that swollen appearance. Skip the effort of a DIY mask and try one of these instead. You’ll have it on hand whenever necessary and love the luxurious feel that comes with it. Keep in mind that drinking coffee does not have the same benefit in this situation as does applying it topically. Drinking it is a diuretic and actually dehydrates and can make matters even worse.

In addition, try Cold Jade Rolling. Jade rolling has been around for years, but thankfully has been getting new attention recently. De-puff your skin by placing the jade roller in the fridge for 10 minutes before rolling. The combination of the cold and lymphatic drainage that comes from jade rolling will bring new life to your skin. It’s a detoxification process that is encouraged by the Jade Rollers’ massage technique.

Lastly, H2O will forever be a necessary part of your routine if you hope to skip feeling swollen on ANY area of the body. It actively flushes out of all the junk we acquired the night or weeks prior. There are so many different ways that our body signals us to drink more water and our skin is one of the most obvious. Try carrying a cute water bottle around which surprisingly enough will encourage you to sip away, all day. 

Good luck guys, and remember that this too shall pass. 😘

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