New Year, New Habits: Tips to a Healthy and Glowing Skin to Welcome 2023

The new year is all about fresh starts, new beginnings, and the opportunity to make some changes in your life. But for most people, one of the biggest resolutions is to get healthy and start eating better. If you're looking to improve your diet and lifestyle, why not start with your skin? Good skin is a key element of overall health and wellness so improving it should be a top priority.


In this blog post, I'm going to share some tips on how to achieve optimal skin health by incorporating simple but effective skincare habits into your daily routine.

Skincare habits you should not skip on this 2023

Don’t forget other parts of your body

You might be surprised to learn that your face and hands aren't the only areas of your body that need cleaning. Your neck, chest, and other parts of your body can also serve as a canvas for acne, redness, and dry patches. 

Cleanse at least once per day by massaging an oil-based cleanser onto damp skin in circular motions before rinsing off with warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals when choosing an exfoliator; instead, opt for natural ingredients like sea salt or caffeine. You’d be surprised at what this new habit can do to how your skin looks and feels!

Don’t over-cleanse your face

Washing your face every day is a good practice, but it's not the only thing you should be doing to take care of your skin. You may be surprised to learn that over-washing your face can actually irritate the skin and strip away its natural protective layer. 

It's best to wash your face twice a day if you are prone to breakouts or acne. If you want to avoid stripping away too much moisture from your skin, use a gentle cleanser instead of a harsh soap when washing your face.

Follow your body’s natural rhythms

Following the body's natural rhythms is important for health and well-being. It's also an essential part of skincare.

These rhythms are the reason why people feel more tired at certain times of day, why eating a large meal before going to bed can make you feel sluggish, or why your skin feels dry after taking a shower at night. The key here is to work with your body instead of against it by following its natural rhythm whenever possible. Feeling like your skin is extra dry? Lather on a moisturizer! Feeling like you’re extra sluggish? Check if you’re getting enough sleep. Listen to your body and you will reap rewards!

Avoid harsh chemicals

In order to be healthy and glowing, you need to avoid harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can damage your skin, cause irritation and allergic reactions, or even be absorbed into the skin from products like makeup.

The number one way to avoid harsh chemicals is by using natural products that are free of these ingredients—all of which are common in many mainstream brands' products. Some examples include parabens (which have been linked to cancer), sulfates (which can dry out hair), and synthetic fragrances (which can cause rashes). The more natural, the better!

Don’t over-exfoliate

If you've been using an exfoliating cleanser daily, it's time to scale back. While these products are great for removing dead skin cells and getting rid of the buildup that builds up on your face throughout the week, they can actually be too harsh if you use them too often. 

You're only supposed to use an exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week. If your skin feels tight or dry after washing with one of these products, it means that there is too much product on your face and it's time to switch to something gentler.


When it comes to skincare, the best thing you can do is just start. It doesn't have to be a full-blown routine or anything crazy like that. Just make sure you're washing your face every day with something gentle like warm water and soap or an exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week for good measure. 

Glowing skin

As long as you're taking care of yourself and avoiding harsh chemicals in your products, then chances are good things will happen this year!

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