Christmas Beauty Tips to Fight the Seasonal Sugar Rush

In the month of December, many of us make a habit of eating delicious holiday treats. While that’s not necessarily an unhealthy habit, what happens if you’re one of those people who simply can’t resist the temptation? 

Holiday sugar rush

This tip-off will help you keep your skin and body happy and healthy while still enjoying your favorite treats during this special time of the year!

Beauty tips to combat the holiday sugar rush

Consume sugar in moderation

When your body gets used to the constant flow of sugar from cookies, chocolates and other holiday treats, it’s easy for your body to become dependent on it. This can be especially risky during the holidays when there are so many delicious sweets on display! 

In addition to causing potential health problems like acne (especially during the holidays when everyone seems to be eating more puffy pies), too much sugar can cause inflammation all over the body. Hence, stuffing yourself with every treat you see isn’t exactly the best idea.

The key here is moderation: try not eating sweets every day, but don’t deprive yourself completely either. 

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s easy to forget that hydration is an important part of a healthy diet, especially during the holidays. Whether you’re eating at home or out with friends, it's important to stay hydrated. This is especially true during the holidays when sweets are always readily available on the table. Chugging enough water in can help your kidney flush out the excess sugar.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself properly hydrated during the Christmas season:

  • Limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol as much as possible.
  • Drink lots of water when eating out and skip sugary drinks as much as you can. 
  • Make sure you drink water throughout the day—even if it's just a simple glass every few hours.

Get enough sleep

You already know that getting enough sleep is important for your health, but did you know that it also helps keep your skin happy and healthy? Research shows that a healthy amount of sleep can make your skin look more youthful and radiant. But as we age our body's need for sleep increases, which means those extra hours of shut-eye are even more crucial if you want to keep looking young.

A good rule of thumb is 7-9 hours per night; however, this number varies depending on your age—the younger you are, the less time you'll need to get plenty of restful sleep each night. If something is interrupting your regular schedule (night shifts at work or running around with kids) it may be time for some changes so that you're getting enough rest without feeling exhausted every morning when it’s time to get up!

Opt for sweet alternatives

To help you make the right choices, we've put together a list of sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding to your holiday calories.

  • Dark chocolate: A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that dark chocolate is associated with lower body weight and better cardiovascular health. Better yet, it contains polyphenols and antioxidants that may help prevent damage to DNA and cancer cells.
  • Fruits: Instead of cookies or cake, try fresh fruits as an alternative to sweets this Christmas season. A medium-sized apple contains only 90 calories—and it's loaded with fiber!
  • Ice cream: Treat yourself to a cup (or two) of ice cream instead of opting for cookies or candy. Just be sure not to overdo it—one serving size is about ¾ cup (175 ml). If you're looking for something even healthier, opt for low-fat frozen yogurt instead. 
  • Nuts: Instead of soda or candy canes, enjoy some nuts on your next trip to Grandma's house this holiday season. They're high in fiber and healthy fats like almonds; they'll keep you feeling satiated while also providing energy when needed.

Religiously practice good skincare routine

If you’re looking for a way to fight the seasonal sugar rush, the best thing you can do is practice a good skincare routine.

A good skincare routine is one that involves daily washing and moisturizing. It’s also important to avoid picking and popping pimples as much as possible. If you have acne-prone skin, consider using an oil-free cleanser so that your pores don’t get clogged with excess sebum.


So there you have it—our top tips for staying healthy and happy this Christmas. Though the season is stressful, we hope that these tips will help make things a little easier for you. After all, the holidays are meant to be a time of joy and celebration!

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