When you have dry skin, your skin isn’t producing enough of the natural oils that are needed to properly hydrate your skin. An oil that your skin excretes that is natural is called “sebum”, which helps the outer skin retain water and thus keeps the skin hydrated. Every person needs a certain amount of sebum to keep their skin hydrated, so if there is too little sebum the skin will dry, and if there is too much sebum, the outer skin will become very oily. Excessive sebum on the skin can cause breakouts, while not enough causes the outer skin to crack and/or peel. Also, without enough sebum being produced for the outer skin, you can experience redness, itching, and flaking, just to name a few conditions that can happen.

So, what can you do to help your skin? Keep it hydrated, of course! You can use many different types of lotions, soaps, and body scrubs to help keep your outer skin hydrated. A good type of moisturizing lotion, used twice daily, is one of the best methods for helping stop dry skin outbreaks. Some other tips for keeping your skin hydrated including using warm water when washing (not hot water) and to protect your skin from the sun using clothing, hats, as well as sunscreen.

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