From us, to YOU: Winter Skincare Tips

Our skin is not a big fan of the winter season. The cold temperatures, low humidity and dry air steal moisture from our skin every second of the day. Without a skincare routine, the skin can crack and become flaky, losing its usual softness. Harsh winter winds make the problem even worse. On the other hand, indoor heating robs the air of moisture, just like hot showers or harsh cleansers do. Moisture masks help, but in order to keep your skin looking youthful and smooth, you need to do more to counteract the impact of winter on the skin. Try these tips for a healthy and comfortable season.

Moisturizer your skin daily.

Apply sunscreen.

Stay hydrated.

Avoid long hot showers.

Use face masks.

Avoid skincare products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins.

Avoid alcohol-based products.


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