3 Most Common Skincare Ingredients to Watch Out for!

You should always carefully read the ingredients of your skincare products. Watch out! You don’t want to buy skincare products that contain ingredients that damage your skin. We have put together a list of the three worst ingredients most common in skincare products. Below we explain their negative effects on one’s skin and overall health.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is commonly used in shampoos, cleansers, body wash, and hand washes. SLS is the ingredient that gives products a foamy and bubbly consistency. It is known to be a skin irritant because it strips the skin of its natural oils causing dry skin, irritation, and allergic reactions. Levels of skin irritation from SLS use vary from person to person from mild to severe.

Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacteria. They act as a preservative in deodorants, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and more. Studies have shown that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells. While estrogenic activity is associated with certain forms of breast cancer, parabens have been found present in breast tumors. 

Fragrances are used in many skincare products, including lotions, cleansers, scrubs and masks. Fragrance is basically a mix of aromatic extracts from synthetic and natural ingredients containing a lot of unknown toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. Fragrances are found in nearly 50% of beauty and skincare products. People are often not aware that the beauty products they buy have toxic fragrances that cause skin irritation and negative hormonal effects. “But I am in love with the smell,” most people say. Yes, the smell is fabulous but the effects on your skin and health are not-so-fabulous.

Now that you are aware of some of the most harmful and common ingredients present in beauty and skincare products, make sure to read the labels carefully. Avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, parabens and fragrances. Instead look for products that are certified organic, sulfate free, paraben free and fragrance-free. Your skin and health will be grateful!

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