Beauty Tips on How to Cleanse Your Skin Without Drying it Out

Cleansing is undoubtedly a step in your skincare routine you should never skip. However, a lot of people report that cleansing actually dries their skin out. This shouldn’t be the case. There are many reasons why your skin may be drying out. What works for one person may not work out for you. 

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Dry skin doesn’t only worsen the appearance of your skin but it also feels incredibly uncomfortable. So to help you with your dry skin dilemma, we break down and address some of the possible culprits behind that dryness.

How to cleanse without drying out your skin

Check your cleanser

Most of the time, it can be as simple as using the wrong facial cleanser. There are some things you can do to find the best cleanser for dry skin. If you already naturally have drier skin than others, opt for cleansers with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. Look for lactic acid, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils such as jojoba and avocado—these are top-notch ingredients to combat dryness.

You’d also want to stay away from exfoliants that could be potentially drying like glycolic and salicylic acids. While these work wonders to reduce oil and reduce acne, their drying nature may leave your skin cracking and irritated.

Be cautious of your cleansing regimen

While cleansing your face is generally a fuss-free task, there might be some things in the process that are harming your skin. For one, the temperature of the water you wash your face with is crucial. Ideally, you should be cleansing with warm water and staying away from anything that’s too hot. Hot water strips off your skin’s oily layer which will leave your skin feeling dry and tight. 

Moreover, another culprit behind dry skin is over-washing your face. Yes, you heard that right—there’s such a thing as washing your face too frequently. We all love our skin squeaky clean, but overdoing it strips off the natural oils off our skin. According to experts, cleansing twice a day is ideal, but if you wake up with skin that’s extremely dry, skipping your morning cleanse may be a lot more beneficial.

Ditch the fragrance and alcohol

Another great tip on how to choose cleanser for dry skin is skipping artificial fragrances and alcohol. Whether it’s your face, your hands, or your whole body, these can easily dry your skin out. So if you find these ingredients in a cleanser, you might as well throw them out.  What we’ve noticed is that organic cleansers don’t usually contain these bad guys. So if you want to be safe, might as well reach out for products that are organic and all-natural. 


If your cleansing routine is making you wake up with horrible dry and tight skin, you shouldn’t be settling. It takes only a few steps to check what’s the reason behind it. Just check your cleanser, ditch the bad ingredients, and follow a healthy cleansing regimen to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. 

Facial cleanser

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