5 benefits of coffee for your skin health in spring. Ready to glow?

Hello coffee lovers! Today, we’re going to talk about 5 reasons to fall in love with coffee -even more- and if you are just discovering it virtues, this article will be super exciting and insightful.

Last week, we talked about a pretty interesting topic related to oxidative stress. Keep in mind that one of the biggest fountains of antioxidants is… COFFEE! Thanks to its level of phenoms that help in the fight against free radicals. But there’s so much more to understand and use in your favor before summer begins.

Most people think about the benefits of coffee by drinking it, but actually, you can have different benefits from applying it topically (mask, scrub, paste) making your skin soft and glowing; or drinking coffee for internal benefits such as protecting your skin from UVB, helping circulation, and fighting free radicals. 

Let’s talk about the main 5 contributions of our BFF.


  1. Anti-aging wonderful benefits

Related to antioxidant, coffee polyphenols are known for its benefits when it comes to preventing oxidation of DNA, lipids and proteins. Drinking coffee with consciousness will not only boost your energy, but also will help you combat the acceleration of aging -a common effect in our generation, thanks to the high intensity and stress that we face in our daily lives-.

2. Cellulite reduction

Coffee improves blood flow by dilating blood vessels. As a result, you may notice the decrement of cellulite in your body. This isn’t magical, but totally an easy and healthy way to help yourself with this matter.

People tend to use this skincare method topically with scrub, in order to improve its benefits by exfoliating the skin and getting a smoother effect with a better and glowing appearance at the same time.

3. Bye inflammation, we won’t miss you!

Anti-inflammatory effects come from chlorogenic acid and melanoidins in coffee. This is a great tip for people with sensitive skin who suffer from inflammation after the exposure to sunburn. Of course, you still need to use sunblock!
Also, this will help you if you have acne problems. An amazing relieve for your inflamed skin.

4. Puffy eyes? No more

Same with cellulite reduction, coffee increases circulation and it helps to reduce puffiness in your eyes. Why? Antioxidants again!

You can use coffee grounds with oil and water and turn it into a smooth mask, but don't rub it underneath your eyes, just let coffee do its work and wash it off with water after some minutes and repeat it when you feel like needing it. Just take into consideration that coffee has to be fresh -don’t re use your coffee for this-.

5. Glow your skin this summer!

Keep in mind that not all products or masks are the same for your face and the rest of your body. Truth is, all the properties we just mentioned before are going to positively affect your skin glow! From scrubbing to blood circulation, your skin will have a beautiful and healthy appearance -inside healthiness too!-

We recommend using your coffee scrub once per week, and choose it wisely regarding your skin type. If you are still wondering which one you should pick, we can tell you more about its components right here!

Feel healthy, look healthy!


With the sunny season coming ahead, coffee attributes get even more attention and importance regarding your skin health and protection: Prevent DNA damage, treat your skin with kindness and boost your blood circulation. All these easy to accomplish tips are the perfect match for looking and feeling amazing

And if you are still thinking about how to improve this next season routine, keep reading our posts at @fivessoglow on instagram and don’t miss all the great hacks for skin care that we are preparing for you!

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