Happy Monday to you all! At this time, you may be finishing your first (or second) cup of coffee to energize your day. At Fivesso, coffee is the center of our universe since all our products contain this ingredient. Out of curiosity, we wanted to do some more research on this plant. 

  • A coffee bean is actually a seed and commonly referred to as a cherry.
  • There are two main kinds of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. The ideal growing region is between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Starbucks alone offers 87,000 coffee combinations.
  • The roasting process plays a key role in the taste and caffeine concentration of the final drink.

Our friend Kathy Gallo has written a detailed piece of this topic on her site at https://www.dailycupo.com/coffee-explanation

Have a great day,

-The Fivesso Team

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