Palm Done Right

Fivesso is proud to be a Palm Done Right Partner and support the Palm Done Right Month.

Palm oil comes from the fruit of the African oil palm, Elaesis Guineensis, one of the two main fruit-bearing tropical palm species (the other being Cocos Nucifera, which produces coconuts). Oil palms begin producing fruit once they are 3-4 years old, yet will continue to grow and produce year-round for up to forty years. As the oil palm grows, it sends out a new set of leaves from the tip of the trunk, which then forms flowers that turn into fruit clusters.

Palm oil is a great ingredient in soaps and cosmetics. Fivesso uses sustainably sourced organic palm oil, which means that no destruction of forests occurred to harvest the organic palm oil. Also, no pesticides were used in the production of the palm fruit.

What Does Palm Done Right Mean?

For Animals: Palm Done Right is about saying no to clear cutting and saying yes to actively preserving animal habitats.

For Farmers: Palm Done Right elevates farmers from being pawns in the system to being partners in creating a more sustainable, more equitable supply chain.

For Communities: Palm Done Right builds communities.

For The Environment: Palm Done Right means going beyond the standard.

For YOU: Palm Oil is a flavorful, stable oil to cook with, and loaded with Vitamins A and E.

Not all Palm is created equal. Choose Fivesso this #PalmDoneRightMonth, and learn more about the movement for sustainable palm oil here

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