Q: How are the coffee soap and scrubs made?  

The soap bars and soap scrubs are each made by hand. The soap bars are handcrafted in large batches and used in wooden curing racks and cure for six to seven weeks before being certified safe to use. We want our soap bars to be fully cured and ready to be used once we ship it to you. We take proper care making sure that each soap bar reaches our premium standards before putting into the recycled Fivesso boxes so that each soap bar is personally inspected before packaging. Our scrubs are made by hand and hand-sealed to maintain 100% freshness when it arrives directly to you. All of our soaps and scrubs are handmade in the USA!


Q: How are the Fivesso Scrubs designed?

Fivesso Premium Coffee Scrubs are designed to exfoliate, moisturize, and soothe the dry skin on your body. Using the organic caffeine found in the scrub, it will assist your skin to retain moisture and natural oil to the skin. We carefully designed, tested, re-designed, re-tested, re-designed, and re-tested the balances of the scrub ingredients to obtain the maximum benefits that your skin can receive. 


Q: What are the ingredients of Fivesso Soap Bars and Fivesso Coffee Scrubs?  

Fivesso Coffee Soap bars are made out of a combination of four (4) organic essential oils and one selective scent of organic essential oil (varies by the scent of the bar). Fivesso soap bars combine these organic essential oils, concentrated organic coffee, organic coffee grounds, and lye.

Fivesso Coffee Scrubs are made out of a combination of several different oils and organic ingredients. Fivesso's scrubs have organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, sea salt, filtered water, and essential oils. There are three scents available with Cinnamon, Lavender, and Mint.


Q: How much caffeine and antioxidants are in each soap bar?  

Each Fivesso Soap Bar and Scrub contain natural caffeine and antioxidants to help energize your skin. The amount of caffeine as well as antioxidants vary from soap and scrub because everything is handmade.  It can range from equivalent of 2 cups of coffee to 5 cups of coffee depending on the size and how long you use the scrub or soap bar.


Q: How do you use Fivesso Soap bar? 

To use a Fivesso Soap bar, ensure your body or applicable area is damped with warm water (preferably) for 1 to 2 minutes. Then gently scrub each area of your body in a circular motion at least 3 to 5 times with the soap bar. Let the Fivesso soap sink into your skin for a minute before rinsing off the soap. You may use a sponge or loofah, but for best result is when the soap bar is directly apply to the skin.


Q: How do you use Fivesso coffee scrub?

Use the Fivesso coffee scrub three to four times a week to obtain results. Dampen and wet the area you wish to apply the scrub (anywhere on your body!) and apply the scrub. Rub the scrub and spread it in circular motion for 3-4 minutes. Rinse off the scrub with warm or cold water.


Q: Will I smell like coffee after a shower?

The scents from the essential oils in each soap and scrub are designed for your experience and enjoyment during your bath or shower. You will not smell like coffee after you completely rinse off the soap or scrub. You might have a slight smell of either cinnamon, lavender, or mint (depending on duration of usage and scent).


Q: Will the soap or scrub stain my skin, my bath tub, or my clothes?

We have done extensive testing of our skin and clothes for many months, and we can confidently say that our Fivesso Soaps and Scrubs will not stain your skin or clothes.


Q: Is caffeine absorption safe? 

Yes, caffeine absorption is safe through your skin. Many academic studies have been done and many products already exist such as caffeinated bracelets and caffeinated lotions that are already on the market. We want to introduce the "Fivesso Experience" which means using organic certified soap bars made with premium, organic ingredients as well as organic coffee scrubs that have no artificial ingredients/preservatives that you use on your skin.


Q: What coffee do you use in your coffee soap bars and scrubs? 

We use 100% organic coffee roasted from Portland Roasting Coffee Company in Portland, Oregon.


Q: Are Fivesso Soap Bars and Scrubs edible?

Even though they contain organic ingredients and smells AMAZING, Fivesso soap bars and scrubs are NOT edible. Please do NOT eat or consume these products.