There are many good ingredients out there, but there are many bad ingredients too.  Some of these ingredients listed below dry out the skin, can be absorbed by your body, or have even been shown to be carcinogenic in large enough amounts.

·         Parabens. These are preservatives that are chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold in all types of products.  Parabens have estrogen-type of properties that have been linked to risk of breast cancer because parabens can be absorbed into the skin.

·         Synthetic colors. You will find artificial colors that come from petroleum and tar sources. Synthetic colors have been linked to skin irritants and the European Union has even banned synthetic colors.

·         Fragrance.  This term “fragrance” means an artificial chemical concoction that is not always revealed to the consumer of the chemical makeup. According to research by the Environmental Working Group (EWG for short), fragrances have been shown to irritant allergies, respiratory distress, influence the respiratory system, and shown to be linked to dermatitis.



At Fivesso, we strive to bring the best organic ingredients in all our products!