Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and we need to treat our skin with a lot of love and care. Products with harmful chemicals can cause skin irritation, damages, dryness or even worse like skin cancer. Here are three harmful ingredients that we should avoid.

1)      Parabens, which are use as a preservative that can prevent bacteria, mold, and yeast from growing in beauty products, have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

2)      Synthetic colors, which are created from petroleum or coal tar sources, have been linked to caused skin irritation and other skin problems.

3)      Fragrances, which are scents create from various chemicals, can cause allergies, skin inflammation, and other problems with your respiratory system.

As you can see harmful chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your skin! Here at Fivesso, we have made our top priority to create an organic premium coffee soap bar and scrubs, without any parabens, synthetic colors, or fragrances. Fivesso will not only help remove those chemicals from your skin, by exfoliating, but will also help replenish your skin with natural oils.

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