Did you know that liquid soap was not invented until the 19th Century? William Shepphard patented a liquid soap version in 1865. In 1989 B.J., Johnson created a liquid soap using palm and olive oil, which was called Palmolive. Liquid soap made it much easier to clean for traditional and non-traditional cleaning methods.

Fivesso will be launching our crowdfunding this July! The crowdfunding will help us fund for marketing and production. Please give us lots of support as we would love to produce an all-natural, organic, premium coffee soap bar for everyone to benefit from and enjoy!

One lucky winner is Christina from Washington, D.C!

We will be contacting the winner over email and the winner will be receiving Fivesso’s Sample Soap Bars. There are still more chances to win our giveaway! We will be announcing two winners for our next week giveaway so stay tune! To enter for a chance to win our giveaway subscribe to our website at www.fivesso.com, like us on Facebook and choose one to follow us at:

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