Let’s check out one more thing before we go over the results of the study mentioned in our previous blog post. Previous research also shows that after applying a caffeinated topical substance on our skin, caffeine was already detected after 5 minutes of the application.

In another study conduct by the British Pharmacological Society, with six healthy male participants, a topical caffeine application was applied to their chest area, and blood samples were taken to measure the level of caffeine in the chest area. The study was performed by blocking and unblocking hair follicles in the chest area. Topical caffeine application was first applied to the unblocked hair follicles. Samples were taken over the next 72 hours, and then after three days of being caffeine free, they were able to re-apply the topical caffeine application to the same area. But this time, they blocked the hair follicles by using a varnish-wax mixture. Results showed that the absorption of caffeine through hair follicles was faster that when caffeine was absorbed thru the first layer of the skin (stratum corneum). The absorption through the first skin layers results was shown by blocking the hair follicles with the varnish-wax mixture. It took caffeine one hour to reach the maximum absorption through the hair follicles. When the hair follicles were blocked, it took over five hours for caffeine to reach its maximum absorption.

Fascinating! Check out the results of the most recent studied in next week’s blog!

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