Let’s take a look at the history of coffee in Colombia. It is unsure as to how coffee arrived in Colombia there are different theories. One of the theories is that the coffee bean came around the 17th Century, with Jesuit priests, but it wasn’t until 1835’s that the first export of coffee from Colombia to the America was shipped.

Colombia's coffee is growth in high altitudes and carefully cared for in the shades of banana and rubber trees, Colombia's coffee is a rich, full-bodied, and perfectly balanced coffee taste. There are two main regions to where coffee is grown, the central region and the eastern region. The central region creates a heavy body, rich flavor, and finely balanced acidity coffee. While in the eastern region, it creates a richer, heavier and has less acidity coffee, making it the finest coffee in Colombia.

Around the 1860’s coffee had become one of the largest and most exported agriculture crops in Colombia. This made coffee on of the main source of government revenue. By 1875’s, Colombia was exporting more than 100,000 bags of coffee and by 1992, Colombia exported more than 17 million bags! Although Colombia's coffee export has slowed down, it's still exporting a great amount of coffee, but not as large as Brazil or Vietnam.

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