Located near the equator, Colombia has a high advantage in growing high-quality coffee. With various areas containing ideal weather conditions and high altitudes, coffee in Colombia is grown in three major regions. The center region is well-known for its coffee growth. The center region, called the coffee triangle, consists of Caldas, Quindio, and Risaraldo. It’s wet and dry season helps with coffee grown, although these conditions can also bring many challenges. Out of the two coffee beans, Colombia uses Arabica beans. Coffee is Colombia is grown at high altitudes ranging from 4,000 to 6,400 feet. Coffee from Colombia gives you a creamy like, mild-high acidity, and strong fruity flavor with a bit of nut. Colombia coffee has a sweet medium bodied.


Located in Central America, Honduras coffee is grown in six different regions: Copan, Opalca, Marcala-Montecillos, Comayagua, El Paraiso, and Aglata Tropical. Honduras wet and dry season are more extreme than Colombia’s causing more weather-related problems. But like Colombia, Honduras also contains rich fertile, high altitudes, and various tree shades for coffee. Honduras also uses Arabica coffee beans, but they are sun dried. The sundried variable is different from how coffee beans are regularly harvested. Honduras highest quality of coffee grows underneath the shade of various trees such as banana trees. Honduras coffee gives you a low to medium acidity, with a variety of sweet and flavorful types.

Fivesso contains all organic coffee beans from the Copan region of Honduras, which has a floral and sweet caramel with brown sugar taste to it. Our coffee beans are provided by Portland Roasting Coffee, where they search the world to find dedicated farmers to provide everyone with the highest quality of organic coffee beans.  

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