Did you know that coffee is the second most valuable commodity in the world? That’s right! With more than 12 million pounds of coffee consume around the world yearly no wonder coffee is one of the top most valuable commodity in the world, along with oil. 

It’s estimated that around 11 million of hectares around the world is being used to grow and cultivate coffee. The United States, itself, is one of the largest coffee importers in the world, importing more than 5 billion pounds of yearly. The top five countries that the U.S. imports from are Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Canada. The price of coffee import is not steady, ranging from $1-$2 per pound. The price depends on various factors such as weather, availability, how much is cultivated and other factors.

What makes coffee the second most valuable commodity?

Coffee doesn’t just wake you up and keep you going throughout the day; coffee has also been tied to reducing risk to various health deficits. In one recent study, a small increase in coffee consumption a day, over a long time period helped reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This study found that participants who slowly increased their coffee consumption to about 1.6 cups a day, over the past 4 years, had a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than for those who didn’t.

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