Did you know that it only takes about 10 minutes for caffeine to kick in within your system? That’s right- coffee is able to you wake up within 10 minutes of consuming it.

How does caffeine wake you up? Caffeine blocks adenosine, a chemical that makes you sleepy by binding to our brain receptor, from binding to your brain receptors because caffeine itself is almost the same size. By blocking adenosine, this will allow you to feel less sleepy.
A study conducted at the University of Barcelona showed that caffeine has a greater effect in males than females. A total of 668 university students (238 males and 45 females) participated in this study, with an average age of 22. Activity levels were measured in various time frames, and results showed higher level activities in male participants than in female participants.

This study also measured activity levels with decaffeinated coffee. Results from the decaffeinated coffee did not show any significant levels of activities between male and female participants. In other studies, researched showed that it takes at least 45 minutes for the highest levels of caffeine to enter your blood system. So after drinking your coffee, you can feel caffeine kick in within 10 minutes, but you do not get the most of it until at least 45 minutes after.

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