Did you know that caffeine can help enhance certain memories up to at least 24 hours? A study conducted at John Hopkins University showed that caffeine was able to enhance long-term memories, for up to at least 24 hours after consumption.

Caffeine can help strengthen memory, and it can also help make your memories resistant to forgetfulness for at least 24 hours. The studied was a double-blinded trial. Participants for this study were not regular coffee drinkers nor did they eat eatables containing caffeine. Samples of their caffeine levels were taken before and in three other time periods throughout this study. Participants were given either a placebo or a 200-millgram caffeine tablet after studying a series of images. They came back 24 hours after to test their memories on the images. Participants in the caffeine group scored higher in correctly identifying the images than those who took the placebo. These results were different from other previous studies on caffeine and memory. The major difference was that this study presented the images after giving the participants either the placebo or the caffeinated tablet.

Caffeine doesn’t just enhance your long-term memory briefly, it can also help with the risk of Alzheimer’s. Be on the lookout for Fivesso’s Crowdfunding Campaign in June.

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