We’ve been talking about the benefits of coffee when you consume it but with Fivesso organic soap, our premium coffee soap bar allows caffeine to absorb through your skin. Around the beginning of 2000, coffee beans started to be used in other ways besides consumption. The caffeine in coffee made its way into cosmetic lines, taking advantage of caffeine’s benefits for your skin.

Besides consumption how else can caffeine get into your system? Recent researched shows that hair follicles in your body can quickly deliver caffeine into your system! Before we get into this study results, let’s see what we already know about how topical application, such as soaps, serums, and creams can get into your system thru your skin. It wasn’t until recent that scientist's opinion on how caffeine penetrating thru the skin was changed. Previous studies showed that due to your skin being composed of many layers, it would actually be difficult for any caffeine to actually go deep into the skin's layers and into your system. There are a couple of ways that topical application of caffeine can go into your system thru your skin. Caffeine can go in through our sweat glands, along your lipid (fat) layers, and through your hair follicles.
In this study, they will talk about how through your hair follicles caffeine can easily gain access to your system. Find our more on this study in our next blog!

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