Did you know that exfoliating your body with a coffee scrub, at least twice a week, can help improve the texture of your skin? That’s right- for those who have dry and tough skin, exfoliating can help revive and soften your skin! Our Fivesso Lavender Coffee Scrub can help your skin look firmer and clearer.

How does it work? Exfoliating with coffee bean grounds can help improve the texture of your skin, reducing acne breakouts in your body. Lavender oil also has the ability to prevent acne bacterium from growing. Our Fivesso Lavender Coffee Scrub will provide a helping hand in reducing breakouts in your body, leaving your skin clear and smooth.

Using our coffee bean grounds will not only give your skin a wonderful experience as you exfoliate those dead skins cells off your body, it will also help your skin look younger and firmer! 

Exfoliate away!

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