Did you think that was the last of jojoba oil? Nope! Jojoba oil can also help repair your dry hands and cracked feet. During tough winters and hot summers season, your hands and feet can take a toll. These weather condition can cause your hands and feet to dry and crack, as you go about your every day. Jojoba oil can help them keep their moisture, leaving them soft and smooth.

How does it work? As we mentioned before in our previous post, jojoba oil has a waxy surface which can help create a thin barrier around your skin when applied. This thin barrier will help keep the moisture and help protect your hands and feet from other damages. With its anti-bacterial property, jojoba oil can also help prevent bacteria from causing infections on your dry and cracked feet.  

Jojoba oil can also help repair your dry nail cuticles. Containing vitamin E, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, jojoba oil can help lift your dry cuticles, leaving them smooth and soft. 

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