Let’s get to know coffee! Even though no one really knows how and when coffee was first introduced, the earliest signs of coffee usage were around the 10th century by the Ethiopians.

From Ethiopia to Mecca, by the early 15th-century coffee had made its way into the trading market and was spreading through Egypt and North Africa. Coffee houses, in various locations such as Syria and Istanbul, the capital of Ottoman Empire, had also started to grow and spread. By the 1600’s coffee had spread all over Europe and even traded to the East Indies and later on to the Americas (North and South). Around this time coffee was also introduce to India and later spread all over Asia.

Even though Ethiopia may have been the origin of coffee, it is not one of the largest producers of it. Brazil is the largest coffee producer, followed by Vietnam and then Colombia.

Coffee beans from around the world are unique due to its different flavors, aromas, bodies, and acidities. Here in the United States, more than 150 million Americans drink coffee on a daily basis! That’s a lot of coffee!

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