Historical figures and events made coffee one of the world’s most popular drink. As coffee began to trade around the 13th Century, coffee houses and roasting of coffee beans were also introduced. One historical figure that helped people accept coffee was Pope Clement VIII. Pope Clement VIII baptized coffee allowing Christians to drink it.

On the major historical event, which helped with coffee rising popularity in the US was The Boston Tea Party In  1773, when Americans rebelled against England by dumping the tea, which was the most popular drink at that time. Coffee took its place after that event. Brazil played a huge role coffee the popularity of coffee. Coffee plantations in Brazil grew immensely fast, and coffee became over produced. Coffee's over production allowed coffee to be available for everyone and not just to the elites.

At the beginning of the 1900’s, instant coffee was created making it easier to mass produce. The 1920’s prohibition in the US made the coffee sales and consumption soared. In 1938, one of the biggest coffee manufactured in Brazil, Nescafe, develop its own way to freeze dry the instant coffee allowing this to help with the over production. 
Once TV was introduced to us, in the 1950’s, commercials of coffee helped spread it all over the US.

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