There are a couple of theories on how coffee was discovered. According to this theory Kaldi, a goat herder from Kaffa, noticed the goats that he usually gathers were acting strangely one day. They seemed to be jumping around on their hind legs and bleating loudly. Kaldi investigated and found that the source of these behaviors were from a small shrub with bright berries.

Kaldi tried some himself and felt the same effects as the goats. He felt very excited. He then took it home and his wife suggested him to share these berries with the monks. When he arrived at the monastery, the monk did not believe him. 

The beans were then labeled as the “Devil’s work”, and were tossed into the fire. This myth suggests that the smell of the roasting beans made the monks rethink the label of the beans. They took the coffee beans out of the fire, crushed them, and covered them with hot water.

As the coffee aroma began to spread all over the monastery, the monks were drawn to the aroma and wanted to taste the coffee beans. They discovered that coffee was effective in keeping them awake during holy devotion practice, just like tea. The Monks then vowed to drink coffee to help them with their religious devotions every day. This was one of the myths on how coffee was first discovered.

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