Let’s talk about our Fivesso Cinnamon Coffee Scrub! Exfoliating helps improve your skin's texture, decrease body breakouts, and increase your skin’s firmness. Exfoliating can also help your skin retain and absorb more moisture.

How does it work? Exfoliating with coffee bean grounds can also help your skin retain and improve its ability to absorb moisture. When we shower, we wash away the natural oils in our body, often leaving our skin dry and our skin rough. Using our Fivesso Cinnamon Coffee Scrub to exfoliate will not only remove your dead skin cells, our cinnamon oil can also help you replenish the natural oil lost after your shower, helping your skin retain moisture. 

Our Fivesso Cinnamon Coffee Scrub will leave your skin looking softer, younger, and firmer!

Cinnamon Coffee, Mint Coffee, and Lavender Brew Coffee soap bars and scrubs are just the first line of our product! Be on the look out for Fivesso’s Crowdfunding Campaign in June.

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