We mentioned before that tea tree oil can help with acne, not only does it help remove acne, it can also help diminish acne scars and reduce blemish.

How does it work? Tea tree’s antibacterial property allows it to help disinfect and soothe acne signs in your skin. Going deep into your skin, tea tree oil, will clear the blockages between the skin and sebaceous glands, drying out the whiteheads and blackheads on your skin. Its soothing property protects your skin from drying out, allowing your skin to look clearer and healthier.

Tea tree oil can also be a great natural makeup remover, do you remember what other essential oil is also a wonderful natural make-up remover? That’s right- coconut oil!

Check out our next blog to see what our other ingredient! Be on the lookout for our all natural, organic premium quality bar soap and scrub in the coming months!

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