The next ingredient in our all-natural, organic coffee soap bar is cocoa butter! Cocoa butter is not just great to eat, but it's also wonderful for your skin!

Cocoa butter can prevent your skin from drying and peeling. How great is that?!

How does it work? Containing a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E, cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin to protect it from drying and peeling during the harsh season or environmental conditions. For those who have to wash their hands often or during the winter time, when the air is dryer, cocoa butter would do wonders!

Cocoa butter can also help reduce stretch mark as well. Do you remember what else helps reduce stretch marks? That’s right- coffee bean oil!

Check out more benefits of cocoa butter in our next blog. Be on the lookout for our all natural, organic premium quality bar soap and scrub in the coming months!

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