Fivesso is excited to share that we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of this May! Our main target for our Kickstarter campaign will be to raise funds for our inventory supplies and marketing production. Also, pre-orders will begin this June!

To make things excited for our Kickstarter and our pre-order dates, we will be introducing Fivesso’s first line of product in our next couple of blogs. In our previous blogs, we mentioned our Lavender Coffee Soap Bar and Tea Tree Oil Scrub and only focused on the individuals essential oil benefits. For the following blogs, we will be focusing on our products benefits as a whole.

Let us introduce you to another product in Fivesso’s first line product of soap bars and scrubs: Mint Coffee soap bar and Mint Coffee body scrub. 

Check out our next blogs for the benefits of these two items. Be on the lookout for Fivesso’s crowdfunding at Indigogo in June!

Introducing the Fivesso Experience

Experience. Energize. Enjoy.

Picture source: Fivesso