Are you ready for the next benefit of palm oil?

Palm oil can prevent free radical from ever forming at all! Let’s recall what free radicals are, free radicals are molecules that can cause wrinkles and fine lines in your skin.

How do free radicals generate in your skin? When your skin is exposed to our ozone, lipids (fats) in your skin can be damaged or oxidize causing free radicals to form. Free radicals do not only create fine lines and wrinkles,they have also been proven to be an underlying cause of many skin diseases, including cancer. (Pesky free radicals!)

How does palm oil prevent free radicals from forming? Tocotrienols! That's right! Remember Tocotrienols is a stronger form of vitamin E found in palm oil. Dr. Betty Kamen, Ph.D. noted that Tocotrienols has been proven to be 40-60 times more powerful in preventing lipid pre-oxidation. (That’s pretty strong!)

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