Did you think that was the last of lavender oil? Nope! Lavender oil can also do wonders for you hair!

Lavender oil can help those who have problems with hair loss, damaged hair, dandruff, and hair irritation.

How does it work? We mention on the previous post that lavender oil contains antibacterial properties.  These antibacterial properties can help heal and protect your wounds. These antibacterial properties can also help soothe irritation, dryness, itchiness, and dandruff in your head and hair. Using a small drop of lavender oil and massaging it into the scalp, where the problematic area is, helps revive your damaged scalp. This allows your damaged scalp to feel and look healthier.

The sweet aroma of lavender oil can help you relax while you gently massage the lavender oil in your scalp. The aroma will help you release your tension and stress. The aroma is also a great bug spray!

Lavender oil has so many wonderful benefits! Check out our next blog to see what our next essential oil is.
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