Not only does lavender oil give you a soothing aroma, it can also help you get rid of acne and those acne scars!

How does it work? Lavender oil prevents the bacterium that causes acne from growing. Acne occurs when your sebaceous glands, in your skin, become overactive. Sebum, produced by this gland, is an oily substance that helps your skin with dryness. Sebum, the oily substance, will block dead skins cells and follicles in your skin creating a whitehead. 

Whiteheads will allow the bacterium that lives on your skin to infect the follicles, creating more acne and acne scars. Lavender oil can help prevent this from happening by attacking the bacteria that can infect the blocked follicles and dead skin cells.

Remember what other essential oil helps with acne? That’s right- coconut oil! With our premium, all-natural, organic Lavender Brew Soap Bar you will have coconut oil and lavender oil to help you fight acne!

Be on the lookout for our all natural, organic premium quality bar soap and scrub in the coming months!

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