Our second essential oil is the coconut oil!

Did you know that coconut oil helps fight acne? There is a layer of your skin that helps reduce and prevent acne, but it’s constantly being removed by washing and wiping of the skin. Coconut oil contains two powerful antimicrobial agents, Capric and Lauric acid, that helps replace and replenish this layer of your skin. By restoring and replacing this layer, it can help fight acne, relieve inflammation, reduce acne scars, nourish the skin, and prevent new acne scars from occurring. (That’s amazing!)

How does it do this? When applied to the skin, good microbial agents will convert Capric and Lauric acid into Monocaprin and Monolaurin. Converting these acids will replenish and protect the layer of your skin allowing it to prevent acne from forming. (Shield on!)

Coconut oil helps your skin healer quicker, which results in fewer acne scars, stains, marks, and black dots on your skin.

Fighting acne is just one of the benefits of coconut oil! Find out what other benefits the coconut oil has in our upcoming blogs.

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Picture source: http://wondergressive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/CoconutOil.jpg