As one of


main ingredients, coffee has multiple benefits!  Let’s take a look:

Wakeup call

- Coffee gives you a jump start in the morning and brightens your afternoon with all its wonderful scents. (Vanilla, Mocha, Mint, and so many more scents)


- Coffee can soothe sensitive skins when you bathe with it. Bathing with coffee bar soap can help with winter-redness, sunburn, and other skin sensitivities. (Smooth and shiny!)


- Coffee has natural age-fighting antioxidants which means fewer wrinkles, fewer stretch marks, and other aging factors. (See you later wrinkles and stretch marks) 


- Coffee can help temporarily firm the skin around the arms and legs. (Helloooo firmer skin!)


- Coffee is a great natural exfoliator. The benefits of exfoliating once a day allows you to smooth the skin, prevent breakouts, and minimize those brown spots and pores. (Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate!)

Let us experience and enjoy the amazing benefits of coffee with




will also consist of five essential oils that will leave your skin smoother, healthier, and firmer.

Be on the lookout for our all natural, organic premium quality bar soap, and scrub in the coming months!

Introducing the Fivesso Experience

Experience. Energize. Enjoy.

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