Benefits of honey


Not only is honey delicious but it is also filled with health benefits.  Honey contains nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds. Raw honey is highly recommended since it hasn't been processed. Besides nutrition, honey has beneficial uses in:

Skin Care: 

Honey is a natural humectant; therefore, it allows moisture to be retained in the layers to provide hydration. Also, it can prevent acne and breakouts due to its antibacterial properties.


Enzymes and nutrients in raw honey can give your hair a natural shine without weighing it down. As mentioned previously, honey's properties retain moisture which allows for healthy grow. 

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Healthy skin with organic products


Motivation Monday

Your skin is a temple and your should treat it as such. In your daily cleaning routine, make sure to use natural and organic products. Check the labels for USDA organic certification. The ingredients in these products will not contain chemical pesticides or fertilizers. 

Also, be on the lookout for the term "fragrance" on product boxes. These fragrances may cause irritation to your beautiful skin. Finally, products which are natural and organic will be less harmful to the environment. After washing your face, think about the water that goes down the drain. If it's filled with harsh chemicals, the environmental will not be very happy. 

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Benefits of caffeine ingestion


Did you know that caffeine ingestion has been tested and proven to benefit athletic performance? A study published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, concluded an increase of strength and power in a running exercise after consuming caffeine. The experiment had female participants in the same age range.

Athletes participating in high endurance sports could see the aforementioned benefits. High endurance exercises include running, biking and swimming. In resistance exercises, the results are less clear. So grab a cup of coffee and start your morning run.

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Brown sugar and honey exfoliator


Exfoliating is crucial to help remove dead skin cells. A simple mix of brown sugar and raw honey leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Use a 1:1 ratio of honey to sugar and apply the mixture to your wet skin in a gentle massage. Rinse face well and pat dry. You may save the rest in an air tight lid for future use. 

Your skin will thank you!

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Coffee Essential Oil

What's an essential oil?

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in flowers, roots, bark, stems, etc. These oils give these elements their unique fragrance and have historically been used for beauty treatments and health practices. Today, we would like to share some information about coffee essential oil.

Coffee Essential Oil

The scent is similar to a tasty cup of coffee. A benefit to the use of coffee essential oil is the reduction of inflammation. Using some oil on sore muscles can relieve soreness and pain. This is especially helpful for athletes or people suffering with arthritis/joint pain. The coffee essential oil is also helpful in the reduction of stress.

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Chocolate and Coffee – The Perfect Combination!

Fivesso Coffee Beans

There is an art to making coffee as there is to making chocolate. But when paired together, the chocolate/coffee combination adds much more to your morning.

A recent article posted by New York Post on March 21, 2017 showed that mixing coffee with chocolate makes you smarter. In this study it was found that cocoa increases cerebral blood flow, which helps increase brain activity and attention. Cocoa also helps lessen caffeine’s anxiety effects on the body.

Dark chocolate is a great addition with coffee because dark chocolate has been shown to be high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Dark chocolate can also lower blood pressure.


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